ADT eCommerce

In 2018, ADT was losing market share, with attrition and acquisition problems as current customers canceled service and new customer sign ups were slowing down.

My Role

I led the design of the package landing and detail pages, along with a redesign of the website mega-navigation. I collaborated with another designer on the shopping cart and checkout pages.

We worked alongside a team of 20+ Copywriter, Business Analyst, Program Manager, Project Manager, Technical Architect, Front-end Developers, Product Marketing Managers, SVP of Marketing, .com property owner, Legal Counsel, SEO Manager

ADT ecommerce

Having traditionally sold home security systems through third party dealers and the phone channel, ADT launched an initiative to introduce eCommerce capability to its general website in 2018.

An initial rapid exploration focused on the sale of ADT’s home security packages, with the scope being refined to the sale of a new cybersecurity product, Identity Theft Protection. 

The Challenge

Resonate With the Modern Consumer

Our challenge was to evolve with home security consumers and enable an eCommerce platform for the sale of home security packages.

Competitors such as Ring, Simplisafe and Amazon were satisfying the demands of the modern consumer - providing cutting edge technology at a low cost with the ability for consumers to self monitor their security.

The eCommerce platform would offer a selection of customizable home security packages, with clear and transparent product information and pricing.

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape

Customer Insights

We drew on customer Insights and market research:

  • a lot of options in home security

  • loyalty is an issue - current customers will move to a different provider for as little as $1/month in savings

  • More people are controlling IoT devices located in their home while they’re on the go

  • People want the latest technology that looks great in their home

  • More and more Gen-Xers are caring for aging parents and are concerned about their wellbeing and safety

  • Approx. 40% of visitors to .com arrive on a mobile device


Our design needed to be responsive and with approximately 40% of visitors arriving on mobile devices, I focused on the mobile experience from the get-go.

Package Landing Pages

Package Landing Pages

Product Configuration

One of the key features of the eCommerce platform was the ability for users to customize home security packages.


Visual Design


The Pricing Challenge

One of the biggest challenges our team faced throughout this project was balancing moving forward with designs and seeking alignment amongst key stakeholders around packages, pricing and payment options.

Exploring pricing display options

Exploring pricing display options

The resulting paralysis led to the development of guiding principles, which we strove to adhere by.

Pivoting to Cybersecurity

The resulting paralysis pointed to the need to reassess the organization’s readiness to sell home security packages online. The imminent launch of ADT’s first cybersecurity product, Identity Protection redefined our MVP. Being a much simpler product, we were able to move forward with a simplified cart and checkout experience.

Identity Protection page design by Lisa Lopuck

Identity Protection page design by Lisa Lopuck

Customer Info Mobile Phone - Desktop2x.jpg

Checkout flow

Users are taken to the shopping cart page from the Identity Protection landing page.

Interaction patterns documented in developer annotations