This product is currently preparing for launch. The following screens have been scrubbed.

The project

In the span of a few short years, connected devices have begun entering millions of homes worldwide as the Internet of Things (IoT) era reshapes how we live and interact with our homes.

This international client designs, engineers and manufactures a range of electronic controls for residential, commercial and industrial applications, with the U.S division leading the development of its Connected Home capabilities. Its products are marketed in 40+ countries globally,

MY ROLE : I worked alongside a UX designer to produce the visual user interface design of the consumer-facing web and mobile app product for this client.





The Dashboard landing page allows users to easily access and manipulate any piece of installed equipment within their home. 


Navigating to deeper screens allows users to access extensive equipment controls and organize equipment into groups as they see fit.


Users are able to access more sophisticated features such as creating equipment schedules, automation rules, defining home statuses and specifying user access to individual pieces of equipment.