Zum On-boarding Redesign

My Role:
UX/UI Design

Zum is a kids transportation platform, providing on-demand rides and care for kids. The Zum App for parents had launched in 2015 and offered flexible ride scheduling capabilities. However, the sign-up and on-boarding process was rudimentary and lengthy. I worked with the founder and development team to redesign this experience for busy parents in an effort to increase customer sign-up rates.

Existing on-boarding flow

Existing on-boarding flow

Existing on-boarding and sign-up flow

While the existing on-boarding flow was contained within a few screens, it offered an impersonal experience and required a significant data entry, such as credit card and rider profile information.

There was little to compel the user to offer up their information, such as explaining why certain information was needed or the highlighting the benefits of using Zum. Confusing language at certain points created further friction.

New wireframes

New wireframes

New on-boarding flow

The new on-boarding flow included a small set of tour screens, outlining how Zum’s service makes life easier for parents, followed by streamlined screens prompting users for a minimum amount of information to create an account. The rider profile and credit card setup steps were incorporated into the initial ride creation process, allowing new users to get into the App sooner. I revised all copy used in the on-boarding process, adopting a friendlier and empathetic tone towards busy parents.

We supplemented the new on-boarding process with an expanding customer onboarding and retention email campaign.